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Jonathan Lim

Junior Consultant

Jonathan has a background in psychology, with a focus on positive psychology. Having lived in Asia and Australasia, Jonathan’s experience of the contrasting socioeconomic conditions between the different countries had drawn him towards issues of social injustice, his interest in human subjective wellbeing, and his passion to contribute to positive social outcomes. His Master’s thesis: “The Happiness Imperative: A possible solution to the present day social disconnect” explored the links between the effects of modern living, the decline in the quality of social engagements, and happiness as a possible solution. As a personal mission, Jonathan strives to better understand the idea of “happiness” – which has led him to a wide range of interests and hobbies. To name a few, Jonathan is passionate about the art of Aikido, loves food (cooking AND eating), enjoys playing the piano and learning new things from TED talks, and appreciates time spent with family and friends.
As a junior consultant, Jonathan has been involved in providing support to the organisation through research, project design, program evaluation, and data analysis. With a knack for problem solving and a keen attention to detail, Jonathan prioritises positive outcomes and adding value to all the projects he has undertaken.
Jonathan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Psychology), and a Master’s of Science with Distinction (Psychology) from University of Canterbury.