Examples of Our Work

Case studies

Evaluation of Teacher Professional Leave

May 8, 2015

How can high performing teachers become even better and drive school improvement? How can teachers use evidence to improve their practice? And what is the most effective form of professional learning for teachers? Our recent series of evaluations of Teacher Professional Leave for the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development shed substantial light […]

Synergistiq Leadership Survey: Leading for the Common Good

April 30, 2015

Leaders across all sectors have an opportunity to lead in a way that contributes to the common good. Otherwise known as ‘social leaders,’ they play an important role in tackling some of today’s most complex problems including climate change, poverty, homelessness, the economy, asylum seekers and education reform. We have developed the Synergistiq Leadership Survey: […]

Parent Engagement in Action

April 16, 2015

Parent Engagement in Action: A practical guide and toolkit for schools has been launched by the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM). Synergistiq has worked closely with CEOM and the schools involved in the Smarter Schools National Partnership to develop this new resource. It is built upon the learnings of the schools and CEOM from over three […]

Evaluation of the Youth Justice Community Support Service

April 16, 2015

Synergistiq have recently completed an evaluation of the Youth Justice Community Support Service (YJCSS) for the Victorian Department of Human Services. The YJCSS is an intensive service response to support youth justice case management, primarily for young people who require a high-to-intensive level of intervention. The evaluation assessed the establishment of the YJCSS, and the […]