Andy Hargreaves



Synergistiq is pleased to offer any school council members a code to receive 10% off the ticket price to attend an Uplifting Leadership in Action one day workshop presented by Prof. Andy Hargreaves in Melbourne on the 19th of October.

Registrations close Friday for Professor Andy Hargreaves who will present his international research and recommendations for high performing organisations. Andy will workshop you and your team through key questions including:


  • How do highly effective leaders think and act?
  • How can educational leaders drive major transformation in their organisations?
  • How does uplifting leadership raise innovation and performance in professional learning communities?
  • How do you ensure your innovation efforts mobilise and develop the talents of your team?


Register at to confirm your seat at this significant professional learning event.

Please enter code AH555 for the Hargreaves event for a 10% discount.