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Frequently Asked Questions

Information on this page is to support schools wishing to host a School Council Training event. For all other questions, please email us at [email protected] or call us on (03) 9069 5598.

If after reading the below you are ready to schedule, please click the “Book a school council training event at my school” option at the bottom of this page. We keep in close contact with you in the lead up to your session(s). All information on this page will be sent to you in advance.

What training do you offer and who can access the training?

Synergistiq offers Governance, President, Finance, and Strategic Planning training to School Councils in Victoria. The training is provided by the Department and comes at no cost to schools.

Module Value of training
Governance Suggested first module of the year. Clarifies roles and responsibilities of council members, draws on case studies and examples of other schools’ best practice and provides the foundation for a strong, cohesive school council team.
Strategic Planning Encouraged for all schools prior to or in a review year, and for councillors or councils that have not yet undertaken this module.
Finance Encouraged for all school councils that have not undertaken this training previously, in order to collectively strengthen the council’s knowledge of its financial responsibilities. The module is especially recommended for Treasurers, Presidents, Principals and school councillors who are members of a finance sub-committee.
President Training Important training for Presidents, Principals, Vice-Principals and recommended for any other councillors or executive support staff who support the President role. The training also functions as a team building, co-learning and role-setting exercise for Principals and new Presidents.

Is there a cost for training?

The training is provided by the Department and coordinated by Synergistiq, and comes at no cost to schools.

What is the process for booking in an event at my school?

Please click the “Book a School Council Training event at my school” button at the end of this page. Select the module(s) you would like to host and provide either some exact or some approximate dates that would work for your council. We will contact you again once we have located a facilitator for your event. Council members from your school are required to sign up for the event here. Our web booking process also allows from one individual from your school (for example the Business Manager or Principal) to book in for other participants.


How do councillors from my school register for an event at our school?

All participants, including those from your school, need to book in for the event via our website, here. Student members must be registered on our website by the school principal or another authorised school staff member.

How are participant numbers managed?

Virtual (Live) Events

To ensure the quality of an event, sessions will run with a minimum of eight and a maximum of 25 participants. For President training, the minimum number of participants is six.

Face-to-face events

We usually set up events in such a way that participants are invited from other local schools to attend your event. Once we have confirmed a date with you, we will advertise the event on our website and create a flyer for you to distribute amongst your own networks. We will also distribute the flyers to schools in your local area.

To ensure the quality of an event, we usually recommend schools register a minimum of eight participants. However we are committed to ensuring that School Council Training is accessible to participants from diverse parts of Victoria, and can readily accommodate smaller cohorts if required. Our facilitators work with groups no larger than 30 people, so during our pre-session communications we ask if you can provide a room that can accommodate up to 30 people.

How long is a module/session?

Virtual (Live) Events

Each module is scheduled for 2 hours and 15 minutes. The training session itself runs for two hours, with fifteen minutes prior to allow for registration. The modules are tightly scheduled and so facilitators must commence on time.

Face-to-face events

Each module is scheduled in a 2.5 hour block. The training session itself runs for two hours, with a half hour prior for refreshments and registrations. The modules are tightly scheduled and so facilitators must commence on time.

The facilitator will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the start time of your session, unless other arrangements have been made directly with you.

What is required of the host school?

Virtual (Live) Events

We ask you to ensure that all participants from your school are signed up via the website as soon as possible after we inform you that the event has been created. We will host the Virtual (Live) Event, so you and members of your council can attend the event as participants – there are no further requirements of you as host.

Face-to-face events

Host schools are asked to provide:

  • A projector
  • A laptop
  • Hot water (for tea and coffee – provided by the facilitator) and an appropriate place to set up refreshments
  • A room to accommodate up to 30 people.

We also ask you to ensure that there is a staff member available to open the building, disable the security system if required, and make any other necessary access arrangements so that the facilitator is able to set up for the session.  Likewise, please ensure there is a staff member to close and secure the building at the end of the session.

Does my school need to provide refreshments?

The facilitator will bring tea, coffee, milk and biscuits.  We ask that you provide hot water and an appropriate place to set up the refreshments. You are welcome to provide additional refreshments for the number of councillors attending your session. However, this is not a requirement and unfortunately we are not able to reimburse any costs incurred.

How do we access the Improving School Governance handbooks?

Prior to the day of training, we will order and have delivered to your school the requisite number of manuals for registered participants in the session. When these arrive at your school, we would ask that you reserve them for the use of participants in the training. Please ensure the materials are readily accessible to the facilitator upon arrival on the night. If you have leftover folders after the training session, please feel at liberty to distribute them to council members who may not have attended.

If your question hasn’t been answered, please email us at [email protected] OR call us on (03) 9069 5598. If after reading the above you are ready to advance, please click the “Book a School Council Training event at my school” option below.

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