What is required of the host school?

Virtual (Live) Events

We ask you to ensure that all participants from your school are signed up via the website as soon as possible after we inform you that the event has been created. We will host the Virtual (Live) Event, so you and members of your council can attend the event as participants – there are no further requirements of you as host.

Face-to-face events

Host schools are asked to provide:

  • A projector
  • A laptop
  • Hot water (for tea and coffee – provided by the facilitator) and an appropriate place to set up refreshments
  • A room to accommodate up to 30 people.

We also ask you to ensure that there is a staff member available to open the building, disable the security system if required, and make any other necessary access arrangements so that the facilitator is able to set up for the session.  Likewise, please ensure there is a staff member to close and secure the building at the end of the session.