What training do you offer and who can access the training?

Synergistiq offers Governance, President, Finance, and Strategic Planning training to School Councils in Victoria. The training is provided by the Department and comes at no cost to schools.

Module Value of training
Governance Suggested first module of the year. Clarifies roles and responsibilities of council members, draws on case studies and examples of other schools’ best practice and provides the foundation for a strong, cohesive school council team.
Strategic Planning Encouraged for all schools prior to or in a review year, and for councillors or councils that have not yet undertaken this module.
Finance Encouraged for all school councils that have not undertaken this training previously, in order to collectively strengthen the council’s knowledge of its financial responsibilities. The module is especially recommended for Treasurers, Presidents, Principals and school councillors who are members of a finance sub-committee.
President Training Important training for Presidents, Principals, Vice-Principals and recommended for any other councillors or executive support staff who support the President role. The training also functions as a team building, co-learning and role-setting exercise for Principals and new Presidents.