Hello, we are a social impact consulting agency.
We work closely with our clients to increase the positive impact of their services.

About Us


Our Purpose

To nurture systemic improvements in social justice and human rights.


We are innovative social impact consultants. We understand that achieving change is about using the right tools at the right time and being agile and flexible with our clients and communities. Our approach combines engagement with diverse groups to ensure all voices are heard with rigorous quantitative, qualitative and Human Centred research methodologies.




Our Services

Research & Evaluation

Synergistiq staff are skilled at designing and implementing all types of research and evaluation methodologies.

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Strategy & Policy Development

We know that effective strategy and policy needs to contribute to a broader understanding of how people view the world. It also needs to be informed by robust evidence.

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Facilitation & Engagement

Our method of facilitation caters for the most rich and complex environments, ensuring maximum buy-in and participation from all parties and viewpoints.

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School Services – School Council Training

We believe strongly in the value of education and see school improvement and development of leadership skills as an integral part of strengthening communities. Our staff are experienced facilitators who use a strengths based approach to support schools in assisting students to achieve positive learning outcomes.

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Our Clients