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Strategy. Research. Evaluation. Facilitation.

Evaluation of Teacher Professional Leave

This evaluation explores how high performing teachers become even better, drive school improvement and use evidence to improve their practice. It also explores what the most effective form of professional learning for teachers is.

Parent Engagement in Action

Provides schools with a practical resource to know how well they are going with effective parent engagement, and how to get even better.

Flexible learning options for hard to reach learners

A policy approach for education and training with hard to reach learners.

Our Purpose

To nurture systemic improvements in social justice and human rights.

We are innovative consultants committed to enabling and measuring change across social policy areas. We co-construct solutions with government departments, non-government organisations and businesses in education, health and wellbeing, community participation, justice, sexual assault and family violence.

We understand that achieving change is about using the right tools at the right time and being agile and flexibile with our clients and communities.

Our approach combines engagement with diverse groups to ensure all voices are heard with rigorous quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Using this approach we have supported systemic change with culturally and linguistically diverse people (including newly arrived, asylum seeker and refugee people), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, people experiencing addiction, people living with disabilities, and people facing deep community exclusion or past trauma.

Our pupose

About Us

Our Approach
We approach each project in an independent and customised manner, applying the most relevant combination of the following:

Complexity and
Systems Theory

An emphasis on connectivity and interaction, leading to the design of smarter, more enduring solutions.

Strengths based

Identifying what works well and how to achieve this good practice more often.


Actively involving all stakeholders to find solutions that are based on collective wisdom and ownership.


Four principles provide a foundation for how we approach our work: balance, early feedback, high care factor, and diversity and dissent.

Our Values

Synergistiq is a values-based company. Our values ensure that we bring integrity to everything we do and allow us to get to the heart of the matter.

  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Learning
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Humanity

Our Principles

Our principles of self-organisation provide the foundation for how we approach our work.

  • Balance
  • Early feedback
  • High care factor
  • Diversity and dissent

Our Services

Our core services cover three key areas:

Research & Evaluation

Synergistiq staff are skilled at designing and implementing all types of research and evaluation methodologies.

Strategy & Policy Development

We know that effective strategy and policy needs to contribute to a broader understanding of how people view the world. It also needs to be informed by robust evidence.

Facilitation and Engagement

Our method of facilitation caters for the most rich and complex environments, ensuring maximum buy-in and participation from all parties and viewpoints.

Areas of Focus



Education equips Australians with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to take advantage of the opportunities of this era, and face its challenges, with confidence



Designing, evaluating and helping people to create pathways out of injustice and disadvantage



Our work is inspired by a belief that everyone has a right to participate in their community


Health and Wellbeing

Our holistic and systemic approach aims to empower people to enhance their mental and physical, social and community wellbeing

Our Clients

Examples of our Work

Evaluation of Teacher Professional Leave

How can high performing teachers become even better and drive school improvement? How can teachers use evidence to improve their practice? And what is the most effective form of professional learning for teachers? Our recent series of evaluations of Teacher Professional Leave for the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development shed substantial light […]

Synergistiq Leadership Survey: Leading for the Common Good

Leaders across all sectors have an opportunity to lead in a way that contributes to the common good. Otherwise known as ‘social leaders,’ they play an important role in tackling some of today’s most complex problems including climate change, poverty, homelessness, the economy, asylum seekers and education reform. We have developed the Synergistiq Leadership Survey: […]

Parent Engagement in Action

Parent Engagement in Action: A practical guide and toolkit for schools has been launched by the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM). Synergistiq has worked closely with CEOM and the schools involved in the Smarter Schools National Partnership to develop this new resource. It is built upon the learnings of the schools and CEOM from over three […]