Professional Development Evaluation.

Measuring the Impact of Professional Development

Do you want to:

  • know whether the professional development you invest in is increasing the skills and capabilities of your staff?
  • identify changes in practice resulting from professional development?
  • learn how to improve the effectiveness of professional development?

The Synergistiq 5A Assessment Tool is a quick and easy survey that helps organisations understand the extent to which professional development is having the desired impact and how it can be strengthened.

What are the 5 As?

The 5A Assessment Tool measures the extent to which professional development:

  • Results in positive Affect amongst participants, whereby they are satisfied with various aspects of the PD
  • Aligns to the purpose and needs of participants’ professional goals, as well as to those of their workplace
  • Adapts to meet the needs of participants
  • Advances the knowledge and skills of participants
  • Results in the Application of learnings in the workplace.

Why are they important?

Based on our statistical analyses, we have found that:

  • affect, alignment and adaptation are predictors of the likelihood of application and advancement
  • application and advancement are predictors of the impact of the PD on the organisation.

The 5A Assessment Tool can predict the likelihood that learnings from PD programs will be applied in the workplace and identify opportunities for program improvement.

Clients who have used the 5A Model and Tool include:
  • Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

  • Victorian Department of Education (non-Bastow)

  • Western Australian Department of Education

  • Tasmanian Department of Education

  • Victoria Police

  • Leadership Victoria

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