We are passionate and determined to support systemic improvements in public education

We are passionate and experienced education consultants, trainers, facilitators and reviewers. We are committed to enabling and measuring change in schools. When working in schools we understand that achieving change is about using the right tools at the right time and being agile and flexible with our clients and communities.


School Councillor Training

Synergistiq can support your school

Synergistiq staff believe strongly in the value of education and see school improvement and development of leadership skills as an integral part of strengthening communities. Our staff are experienced facilitators who use a strengths based approach to support schools in assisting students to achieve positive learning outcomes.

Synergistiq has been contracted by the Department of Education and Training (DET) to deliver training to School Councils, specifically modules on Governance and President Induction. For dates of training

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School Review


Synergistiq has Department of Education and Training (DET) accredited School Reviewers who are available to conduct Peer Reviews and Priority Reviews, and to offer Intervention Services. In addition, we can provide assistance to complete school self-evaluations and implement strategic plans, as well as individual professional support.