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Welcome to the Synergistiq School Council Training homepage – COVID-19 Update

Consistent with government advice about social distancing, during Term 2 and 3 2020 all School Council Training events will be facilitated virtually/online through Zoom. Zoom is video conferencing software available to all participants at no cost. We would like to assure parents, students, teachers, principals and all other members of the Victorian school community that your mental and physical wellbeing is our primary concern in the current environment of COVID-19. More than ever, we are committed to ensuring school councillors can come together, with the support of an experienced facilitator, to understand and explore their roles and responsibilities as school councillors.

We are continuing to take bookings as usual. If your school would like to arrange a Virtual (Live) Event, we encourage you to contact us with your preferred date so that we can lock it in. Individual school councillors may continue to book into any event directly through our website. We will provide detailed information to all participants about their event, how to set up their computer, tablet or phone and how to join the meeting. We have published a range of FAQs on our website and are available for any further questions.

Schools need to be aware that the Department has a recommended minimum number of attendees for running events which in most circumstances is 8 participants; there can be exceptions to this number. Participants are advised that they can sign up for any event listed on the website; not just those that are Statewide Events. Also please note, Synergistiq SCT emails can sometimes find their way into junk or spam boxes; please ensure you check these boxes for relevant emails.

At the end of this page you will find links that allow you to book an event for your school or book in as a participant for any event.

Strong School Councils – Strong School Communities

At Synergistiq, we believe strongly in the value of education. We see school improvement and supporting school staff and councillors to develop their leadership skills as an integral part of strengthening communities. We are proud to deliver all four modules of School Council Training on behalf of the Department of Education and Training (DET). DET provides this training free to all Victorian government schools.

Our experienced facilitators have extensive school and education sector experience and are committed to supporting school councils in their important governance role.

School Council Training offers valuable information on roles and responsibilities for school councillors and is an excellent team-building exercise for councils throughout the year. Read about the four modules below.

Module Value of training
Governance Suggested first module of the year. Clarifies roles and responsibilities of council members, draws on case studies and examples of other schools’ best practice and provides the foundation for a strong, cohesive school council team.
Strategic Planning Encouraged for all schools prior to or in a review year, and for councillors or councils that have not yet undertaken this module.
Finance Encouraged for all school councils that have not undertaken this module previously in order to collectively strengthen the council’s knowledge of its financial responsibilities. The module is especially recommended for Treasurers, Presidents, Principals and school councillors who are members of a finance sub-committee.
President Training Important training for Presidents, Principals, Vice-Principals and recommended for any other councillors or executive support staff who support the President role. The training also functions as a team building, co-learning and role-setting exercise for Principals and new Presidents.

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